Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Happy Friday! This week we focused on our sense of hearing. The highlights this week were the many instruments to try, sensory bins, and listening games. We also discussed week 2 of Second Step: The listening rules. 

This week we continued to read over our senses book, I Hear a Pickle, and this week talked more about the “I Hear…” pages. In addition to the many things a child might hear in his or her day, the book also mentions things you can’t hear, like the snow falling or the worm crawling. 

To practice our counting and number recognition we also read the book Ten Black Dots and tried to count along on our fingers and tracing the numbers in the air. 

In the sensory table there was still rice, but added were some metal cups and spoons for making different noises and a focus on square shape toys like magnets and number tiles. 

On a separate table there was a bucket of marbles/beads to explore and see what kind of sounds could be made.

Later in the week we had a bucket of soft items to contrast loud to quiet materials. 

Our dramatic play general store got a small addition of scented candles which were a big hit and sold out every day along with some food and toy items. On Thursday the vet office was also open by request of some friends, and they got a lot of patients in just one day!

To test our keen senses of hearing, the science table this week had empty plastic eggs and various materials to hide inside. It was fun and challenging trying to guess what was inside just by sound! By listening carefully to the types of sounds things made inside the eggs, we were also able to determine other characteristics of what was inside like hard, soft, large, or small.

Another fun listening game used audio recordings of different sounds like rain, animals, ocean waves, and vehicles. Miss Maddie would play a sound and everyone would have to be so still and quiet in order to hear it well enough and think of what it could be. 

The most fun activity of the week was probably grooving and shaking our bodies with instruments to some dance party music! The favorites are “Mambo No. 5” and “Who Let the Dogs Out!” 

During group time we also brought out the instruments to play along with our voices to sing our morning songs!

Group time was also a perfect moment to practice using our ears with our Second Step Listening Rules. While Miss Maddie and a helper talked about the calendar and the activities of the day, the rest of the class had to have their eyes watching, ears listening, voices off, and bodies calm. Not an easy task for preschoolers but everyone is already doing well and practicing hard to do even better!

A few days this week after lunch, we had time to do our meditation. By lying quietly, our brains are able to listen carefully and follow the technique to calm our bodies. 

Wednesday was the special music class with Rabbi Crimmings and monthly birthday celebration! In January we will say “Happy Birthday” to both Cal and Jack from our class!

Friday we will have Shabbat and talk about “What does Shabbat sound like..?”

Rowan will be the Shabbat helper!

Next week we will focus on sense of touch and build on to what we’ve learned from seeing and hearing. 

Shabbat Shalom, 

Miss Maddie and Miss Kaitlyn