Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

This week was another fun week learning more about Chanukah! We had various pieces of our toy set out on each day like a new menorah, latkes to flip, and many different dreidels and gelt! The light table was in our room all week with magnet tiles and translucent Legos to build creative chanukah menorahs!

We also talked about the different ways our bodies feel depending on which emotion we are feeling. This week focused on the feeling worried and how to tell a grown up when you are experiencing an uncomfortable feeling like anger, fear, or worry. 

Monday’s group activity was the popular paper-roll Chanukah menorah! Everyone participated by decorating different colors of paper with dot dots to create a finished product that is like the menorah from our Hanukkah Counting book.

During circle time we practiced our deep breathing meditation where we focused our breath as if we were slowly blowing out a candle (but not a Chanukah candle of course!).

On Tuesday some friends used playdough to make pretend Chanukah cookies and latkes! The toy pan and spatula were also out to practice “cooking” and flipping. 

We learned a new circle time song called “Tov, Tov, Tov” by Lisa Baydush and already had great enjoyment and participation in singing it each morning to start the day!

Wednesday was our class gift exchange! Just before music, each class gave another class a fun gift for Chanukah! Our class helped make a picture book for the infant rooms, and we received an exciting set of blocks from the toddlers, personalized with everyone’s photo! The whole class immediately loved them! 

Thursday was a nice sunny day and we were able to play outside in the snow again! 

For our holiday activity we tried learning the Chanukah candle blessings and doing them with the toy chanukah menorah. Some friends also chose to participate in a project decorating their own chanukah menorah using markers, foam pieces, and glitter!

Friday there will be a “hot chocolate/coffee” sensory table with black beans, and we will have a little class party! 

Bodhi will be the Shabbat helper!

Next week we are closed Tuesday and Wednesday, and open only for full time families who signed up for holiday package days on Thursday and Friday.

When we return from break we will be starting our Second Step program from week 1, so that all of our new friends can get caught up with the previous months of lessons.

Happy Friday, and happy holidays! 

Miss Maddie