Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

This week we talked about the season of Winter and about the different animals we might see in some places during the winter time. We also started introducing Chanukah which is coming up in a couple weeks.

All week we read Annie and the Wild Animals and The First Day of Winter. To go with these books there was a snowy scene with white fabric and natural wood pieces to play. 

Since we are now into the month of December, that means it’s also time to talk about Chanukah! To start our exploration of this festival of lights, there was a wooden toy menorah and candle set, along with different dreidels and plastic gold coins! Everyone has been having fun engaging with the various holiday items all week and we will have more to come between now and winter break!

On Monday, right in line with our winter animal theme, we made penguins during art with Miss Beth! First we listened to the story Tacky the Penguin who is a silly little snowbird who does things his own way. Then everyone glued colored paper on their outline of a penguin to practice some good fine motor and color-matching skills. The result was some very cute abstract penguins! 

Tuesday we started with snowflake handprints. Most friends colored snowflake design paper with traced handprints that will later be cut out and arranged to look like unique snowflake designs.

During circle time we practiced saying good morning to each other while using names and making eye contact!

Wednesday was sports dress up day and the team rivalries were in full swing! Everyone got to see each other’s cool outfits during music class.

There was also some time to play with sensory snow made with baking soda and water. 

On Thursday we started our Chanukah gift project for the infant rooms. We also had fun dancing all around to joyful holiday tunes. 

Before lunch we practiced some body and spatial awareness while reading Yoga Bear, and just before the end of day we were able to fit in time for relaxation meditation. 

We were not able to get to our Second Step lessons on emotion management this week, but hopefully we will have some time next week in between the winter fun activities! 

Friday is our monthly Special Person Shabbat where we welcome any family or friends to join their students in our mini preschool service. Quinn will be the Shabbat helper!

Please have a safe and peaceful weekend!

Shabbat Shalom, 

Miss Maddie