Katom Room כתום (Infants)

Shalom Katom families to another school year and welcome back chilly weather as well! 

We welcome two new babes named Kaia and Remy, two wonderful little girls who have already shown us their fantastic personalities. We hope to watch them grow and to be apart of that growth.

Sensory bottles are a main staple in the baby rooms and the babes loves using them for play and for exploration. They’re a very cost effective toy and easy to make! Just need a water bottle, something to put inside, and hot glue to seal it shut. Try it at home!

Lastly, this month is pet month. We will be singing animal songs such as the “Bunny Pokey” and looking at pictures of our pets as wells as playing with animal toys! 

All the best, Miss Rosie and Miss Tira!