Katom Room כתום (Infants)

Happy Friday, Katom families!

Even though it’s been grey and snowy outside, the fall colors abounded in the classroom this week, as we wrapped up our fall fun theme. 

This week the babes really got in the fall spirit with a very special art project— painting pumpkins! Each baby got to decorate their own little pumpkin with some festive, sparkly orange paint. They had so much fun playing with the paint and feeling the bumpy texture of the pumpkin. A few of them got so into it, they even painted the high chair!

On Wednesday, we got out all our fanciest plastic dishware and most delicious fake food and had a tea party. The babies noticed the set up right away and enjoyed inspecting the dishes and rolling the food all around. The carrot is an especially popular toy in our class!

We’ve noticed that some of the babies have become quite interested in the blue tape we use to hang things around the classroom, so this week, we gave them some of their own to explore. We stuck long pieces of tape to the top of the tunnel and the littles had a great time tearing it off and sticking it back on. It was so cute to see them trying to pull the sticky tape off their hands!

Over the past few weeks, our babes have made some great progress in their motor development. They’re beginning to crawl, stand independently, and even take their first steps. We’re so proud every time one of them meets a new milestone!

Next week we will introduce our new theme— A, B, C, 1, 2, 3!

We hope you have a lovely weekend, and a happy Halloween to those celebrating!


Miss Rosie and Miss Tira