Katom Room כתום (Infants)

Hello Katom Families, it has been an eventful week for our classroom! 

Reading has been a big focus everyday this week. We encouraged all teachers and aides to grab a book and a babe and read! The babies also had some independent book exploration enjoying some of our textured books. That’s Not My Monkey is a crowd favorite. 

During circle time we played with small pumpkins and sang our fall songs. We passed around the gourds and examined their differences in color and texture. The babes enjoyed rolling them around the room! 

Pumpkins are all around, including our pumpkin art display! We poured paint in food baggies and gave them to the babes to give the final touches with pats and squeezes. It was a great sensory experience! 

All the best!

Miss Tira & Miss Rosie