Katom Room כתום (Infants)

Hello Katom families and goodbye to summer! We have been very active this week with many activities big and small for our darling babes. 

As you already know this month’s theme has been animals so we ended the unit with an art project and a splash! Each baby got to play with a dot dot marker and a cut out fish. They all were curious and enjoyed the experience!

But that’s not it! We also had water play! Babes played with the sensory table with tubs filled with water and toys of animals who would typically live in the water! It was great sensory and very messy (wet), but very worth it! 

We are enjoying our circle time together in class as much as possible! These moments often are story time and a puppet show with songs to go along with it! All the babies love to gather around their teachers and join in the fun! 

Next month our theme is simple, Fall Fun! We will be singing songs about fall and seasons changing. We will press leaves for our interactive board to experience the change in color of the season! Plus several fun fall art activities! 

All the best, Miss Tira & Miss Rosie