Katom Room כתום (Infants)

Happy Friday Katom families!!

The wheels on the bus is always a favorite song in our classroom, but this week it is also became a theme favorite! We turned our classroom to a busy road with road marks on the floor, traffic signs on the walls and we took rides in our school taxi and police car!!

When the kids arrived at school on Monday they enjoyed the changes in the room and were full of curiosity and learning!

Unfortunately, most kids were out this week so we wanted to share with you some of our classroom philosophies.

1. Emotional development :

When a baby cries- we ask ourselves what does the baby need? (bottle, diaper, food ,etc.) If all of the needs are met, we do our best to soothe by holding, rocking, singing songs, offering toys, or a simple cuddle (we love to cuddle!).

2. Social development:

Encouraging babies to interact with each other.

We invite a friend to join in with a toy, we talk about feelings and reactions. (Are you sad? Are you happy? No thank you or Yes, that was so kind of you!) We repeat each other’s names and label what he/she is doing.

3. Cognitive development:

We do our best in turning everything into a learning experience. We often mention colors, textures, sounds, etc. When we go on walks, we stop to look at the trees, their colors, the season, and the animals around etc.

Hope this has been helpful.  Please feel free to reach out with any follow up questions.

Hope to see everyone back and healthy on Monday!


 Miss Noa and Miss Lily