Katom Room כתום (Infants)

Happy Friday Katom families!!

We wrapped up another fun week in our Katom classroom! Some of the babes enjoyed Shabbat services in the sanctuary last Friday morning.

For this weeks art project we used small squares of colorful tissue paper that the babies enjoyed sticking onto paper plates. They had fun exploring the texture of the tissue paper and glue.

On Wednesday morning we were all able to join the Cantor upstairs in the sanctuary for music. The kids were engaged with the music and getting to see all of our friends! They also enjoyed the outing to the sanctuary as it is a good change of scenery.

We also continued to tell stories and sing songs during circle time. It’s so fun getting to know the babies better and having them get to know us.

It’s been really fun just observing the children interacting with each other and forming relationships.

Enjoy your weekend!
Warmly, Miss Noa and Miss Clara