Katom Room כתום (Infants)

Happy Friday Katom families!

This week we celebrated Makenna’s birthday! We’ve loved seeing her grow into her silly, bold personality. Happy birthday Makenna!

As we continue our exploration of shapes, the babies have been particularly interested in certain toys in the classroom. The small, stackable blocks and the circle-eating dinosaur have been especially popular. When the babies use these toys we talk to them about the different shapes to help build that vocabulary.

There is a new lift the flap in the classroom too! In the cubbies, there are different shapes which the babies can lift up to reveal their pictures. The littles love seeing pictures of themselves and it’s a fun surprise every time!

Dot dot markers are always popular and this week the babes each got to create their own work, which the teachers then cut into shapes and hung up around the classroom.

We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Miss Rosie, Miss Noa, and Miss Tira