Katom Room כתום (Infants)

Hello and Happy Friday Katom Families!

We continue exploring the shapes around the classroom and there are so many to chose from! We introduced to the babies to lots of toys that are different shapes and sizes including colorful puzzles and a singing cookie jar that sings the most catchy tunes after putting the correct shape inside. 

The babes had more creative expression this week through finger painting and painter’s tape. The Katom teachers taped shapes onto card stock and allowed the littles to fully express themselves through color. After it was done the tape was peeled away to reveal the shapes! For a less messy experience all paint projects can usually be done inside a plastic bag. 

With the weather warming up we finally were able to go out and enjoy it with a walk around the building and pond! The littles loved the cool breezes on their skin and the warm sun on their faces. As it continues to get warmer we hope we are able to have many more thrilling adventures outdoors! 

With a heavy heart we say goodbye to two of our friends, Remy and Hannah. Both girls have grown so much since day one and continue to amaze us every day. Remy is the class helper, she always knows when to be helpful to her teachers and friends. Hannah is the class dancer, everytime we play music she loves to dance. As we are sad to see our class getting smaller, we are happy to see them moving up to toddlers and their new adventures to come. 

Hugs and Snuggles,

Miss Tira, Miss Noa, and Miss Rosie