Katom Room כתום (Infants)

Happy Friday Katom families!

We have returned to the present after our month in prehistoric times. To celebrate our return we embarked on a dinosaur hunt. The teachers hid toy dinosaurs around the school and we went on a walk looking for them. Every babe got the opportunity to find their own dinosaur and they loved it!

Today is the Jewish holiday of Purim! We’ve been celebrating all week with dress up days and mask making. The littles each got their own mask which they decorated with dot dot markers. The babies love seeing the bright colors and it’s a great way to work on their fine motor skills.

As many of our babies get older and prepare to transition to toddlers, they are becoming much more aware of one another and we are seeing so many more interactions between them. The babies babble to one another, chase each other around the classroom, and are learning how to deal with their conflicts. We are so excited to see this growth and one of our focuses over the next month will be to support these interactions and teach them developmentally appropriate communication.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

Miss Rosie, Miss Tira, and Miss Noa