Katom Room כתום (Infants)

Happy Friday and hello from the land before time! This week has been full of developments especially in their motor and social skills! 

With the progress in gross motor skills we have changed our routine a bit as we have many more walkers and soon to be walkers. Push carts and a tiny pink shopping cart have been favorites. With more mobility there has been even more socialization amongst their peers. Babes have been able to quickly cruise around the room to see their friends in record time! 

As stated last week we are continuing our dinosaur egg stamp project! We have hung each egg in our hallway outside the room for all to see!

Circle time has also seen great progress! As the week has passed we have noticed how well the babies are staying focused and interacting well with their teachers and peers. Highlights include story time, songs, and some added signs to help guide us through circle time. We couldn’t be more proud! 

Hoping you stay warm and cozy over the weekend,
Miss Noa, Miss Tira, and Miss Rosie