Katom Room כתום (Infants)

Hello, Katom families! We have done a lot with our theme of Animals this week!

We did a fun art project involving stamping white paint with animal toys on dark colored paper. This will be cut out by a teacher into animal footprints and taped on the floor. This project helps with fine motor skills, sensory exposure, and just a great time!

This week on Wednesday it was Color Day! Katom is not only the name of our room but the word for the color orange in Hebrew. All classes joined together dressed in the color representing their class room. In our room we even took out every orange toy we could find to add to the fun!

To add to our theme this month we are singing many animal related songs. “Little Kitten”, “You Can Hear”, and “If You’re A Pet And
You Know It,” are some favorites amongst the babes. Lyrics can be found in the pictures. We sing all throughout the day, when happy and of course when we need a little cheering up. A little singing goes a long way.

All the best and Shanah Tovah,

Miss Rosie & Miss Tira