Katom Room כתום (Infants)

Happy Friday Katom families!

This week we said goodbye to our sweet friend Luca who is moving up to toddlers! We will miss him so much but are excited for his new adventures!

We have finally touched back down to earth after a month in space! This week our little astronauts explored places closer to home with trips to the big room and walks around the building. The babies love to cruise around and explore in the big room and it’s a great opportunity for them to work on their gross motor skills.

We’ve also introduced some new toys into the classroom, including a ball pit! This provides the babies with a whole new sensory experience, where they can sit amongst, toss, and squish the lightweight plastic balls. We’ve also been working with the babes on their colors by pointing out the colors of the balls.

In addition to the ball pit, we have a new, baby- sized shelf in the room! It is the perfect height for the babies to stand at and play with cars, duplos, and much more.

Next month we will travel back in time to the prehistoric era where dinosaurs ruled the land!

We hope you have a wonderful, cozy weekend!

Miss Rosie, Miss Noa, and Miss Tira