Katom Room כתום (Infants)

Hello Katom families and Happy Friday! 
As we continue our journey in space, this week has been much more simple but just as fun and exciting! 

We got into our fine motor skills with crayons and different colored papers. The babes all explored this novel experience differently and created art unique to them. 

This week’s star toy has been a simple pink shopping cart. All the babies love to fill it up with toys as if on a shopping spree and push it around the room. Teachers often play along with their behavior in a social dramatic play asking the babies for items at the store or things in the room. These skills are a key step in a child’s development of play and social skills. 

Lastly we have been reading up a storm in Katom! We have been reading books that match the theme such as “8 Little Planets” by Ferrie Doyle and other favorites as “Don’t Touch a Dragon” by Make Believe Ideas. The babes love the tactile books the most because it feeds their minds in more ways than one!

All the best, Miss Tira, Miss Rosie, and Miss Noa