Katom Room כתום (Infants)

Hello Katom families and happy Friday!
As we continue our venture through space we have made great progress and discovered many new skills by our amazing little astronauts. 

Our first mission in our trip to outer space was to solve the great riddle of puzzles. The babes have gravitated towards the various puzzles in the classroom. Our puzzles range from interlocking eggs with various shapes or flat puzzles about space or farm animals. These tasks help with memorization and their fine motor skills. 

To safely travel through space we had to prepare our spacesuits! Each child was given their own special color suit and were able to decorate it with finger paint! Each babe had a different reaction to the sensation of the artwork, the most common being curiosity. 

While exploring the final frontier we have discovered amazing things about ourselves. While we have made small steps for a tiny human we have made giant leaps into our development. Some have been traveling around the room showing off their spacewalk. Others have been using new words and even expressing themselves nonverbally. “Uh oh” and “all done” are some of their favorite things to say. 

Over and out! Miss Tira, Miss Noa and Miss Rosie