Katom Room כתום (Infants)

Happy Friday Katom Families!

We had another big transition this week, as we celebrated Tatum’s last day on Thursday. We will miss her big smile and bright personality but hope she has so much fun at her new school!

We also welcomed Miss Noa into our class this week! Noa and her family just recently moved to Minnesota from Israel and we are so happy to have them join our Bet Shalom community. The babies took to her right away and we’re so excited to have her!

This week we explored one of the best parts of winter- snow! On Wednesday we brought out a new toy- sticky snowballs (or balls covered in masking tape). The babes were shocked when they picked up the snowballs and they stuck! They had fun passing the snowballs back and forth between their hands and sticking them together.

One of our favorite books this month has been “That’s Not My Snowman.”  This touch and feel book introduces you to  many different snowman with furry, fuzzy, wavy, and squashy features. The babies love to touch the pages while the teachers read as well as explore the book independently. 

This week our art project centered around a snow loving animal- the penguin! The babies were each given a sheet of contact paper and cotton balls, which they stuck to it to create a fuzzy friend. We always love playing with the sticky contact paper, and the soft, fluffy cotton balls provided a new texture that was fun to explore. 

We hope you all have a cozy rest of December, and a happy new year!!


Miss Rosie and Miss Tira