Katom Room כתום (Infants)

Hello Katom Families and Happy Chanukah! We would like to start off this week’s blog by recognizing some amazing babes! The last two weeks we celebrated the birthdays of Hannah, Aella, and Tatum respectfully. These girls are all amazing in their own way with great personalities to match! We only hope the best for them as they continue to grow into wonderful people. 

Also last Friday we welcomed a new little one to our ranks! His name is Gavin and he is just a tiny peanut! Although we have only have had him for a short time we know he will be a great addition to our classroom! 

And this week we say goodbye to our Edith, one of the first Katom babes. This is our last week with her as she is now moving up to toddlers! We are so proud of her and all that she has achieved, although a little sad to see her go. Edith is and always will be a fantastic little girl full of energy and life. We hope she continues to have fun every day in her new classroom Adom and that her smile never fades.

This month is themed Winter Wonderland! Miss Tira and Miss Rosie along with help from other other teachers and aides have transformed the room to match the spirit of chilly weather. We crafted a house for the babes to play in and a felt person to dress up in a cozy winter outfit! Keeping the room interesting and new is great for little ones because it challenges their minds with exciting and novel experiences! 

Our art project this month was the classic dot dot markers coupled with coffee filters that teachers later cut into different snowflake designs! Even with some assistance from their teachers, art is always a good idea for babes as it shows their ability to make things happen around them. 

All the best,Miss Tira & Miss Rosie