Katom Room כתום (Infants)

It was so fun to see all the babes in their tie dye on Tuesday! The vibrant colors sure brightened our day. 

This week, we began to place labels on some of our larger items and toys. These labels include the name of the toy, with special emphasis given to the first letter. As we continue to explore the alphabet this month, we wanted to give the babies the opportunity to experience more words in context. Even in infancy, exposure to a print-rich environment is a great way to promote early literacy! The babes noticed the labels right away and enjoyed looking at and touching them. 

The littles are continuing to work on our special art project, which we will send home next week. It’s a fun sensory experience- some babies enjoy having their hands painting, and others don’t but they are all curious about it. When we work on projects like this, we like to talk to the babies about how different materials feel- is it cold? Wet? Maybe a little sticky? We love seeing them experience new sensations!

We’ve pulled out some new number and letter books this week. Particularly popular amongst the class is “Let’s Say Our Numbers,” which includes buttons the babies can push to hear the numbers said aloud. Other favorites include “One, Two, Three” by Sandra Boyton and “Cleo’s Alphabet Book” by Caroline Mockford. 

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Miss Rosie and Miss Tira