Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

On Monday we welcomed the young toddlers into the new classroom! We were so excited to have all the kids explore the room. They all loved the new toys! This month we are focusing on bugs. So our craft Monday was using dotters to make ladybugs. The kids really enjoyed it! We also sang baby bumblebee and a few other bug songs!

Tuesday the kids colored a grasshopper picture! We can already tell they really enjoy coloring and doing crafts. We sang itsy burst spider with props as well as head shoulders knees and toes. We played in the big room and the todds really loved running around playing with each other!

Wednesday we had the kids glue fireflies onto a mason jar. We told then what fireflies were and had them experiment with the glue! We added a few more things to morning circle time. We talked about the weather & had props included so they would understand a little better. They really enjoyed it!

Thursday for art we had the kids help us work on the very hungry caterpillar! We put paint on their hands and had them make hand prints all over it! They love using paint and getting messy.

We went outside and the kids loved running around and getting some fresh air!

We also did water play with some toys & they all loved it!

We are so happy our classroom is finally open & cannot wait to see what is to come. 

-Ms. Taylor & Ms. Emily