Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

Hello Kahol families!

This week we focused on the ocean! 

Monday we made our own jellyfish out of paper plates and streamers. The kids loved using dotters to make them colorful and unique.

We also went outside to enjoy the nice warm weather and we found a frog out on the playground. The kids were so excited about it!

Tuesday we learned about ocean animals and what sounds they make. The kids surprisingly knew a lot more than we thought they would so it was a great surprise! They are all so smart. The kids really enjoyed reading all of our new ocean books in the classroom!

Wednesday we “played in the ocean”. The kids played in blue bubbly foam with a few ocean animals outside! They loved it and also loved getting messy.

We had music upstairs with all of the other kids & the todds loved seeing everyone. A few friends danced when they heard their favorite song! 

Thursday we fed fish to the shark. Some of the kids really enjoyed this while others were a little hesitant. We sang baby shark & counted how many fish they shark ate! We hung him up so the kids could feed him some more. 

We hope you all have an amazing weekend, & enjoy your time with your little one.

Ms. Taylor & Ms. Tira