Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

Happy Friday Kahol Families! We hope you took some extra time outside and enjoyed the weather because we sure did! 

Monday, we did a relaxing coloring project with the kiddos. Each child was given a paper plate and a marker and was allowed to decorate it in their own unique styles. Not all marker stayed on the plates but the (washable) result can be just as beautiful! These plates were then transformed into beautiful butterflies. 

Tuesday, our class got two new members, Mr. Blu and Mr. Stu! They’re our little blueberry friends created just for Kahol! Miss Tira and Miss Taylor will be utilizing puppets and pictures of the characters around the room to help teach our classroom expectations. The kids are already very interested in their new friends! 

Wednesday and Thursday, it was all about identifying animal sounds with our animal toys and matching letters to the names of the same animals! The kiddos were so great at this activity, many of which showed off their skills with amazing accuracy! 

This week we sent home to parents our signs chart we have in our room. These are the signs that we use the most in class, they help make many interesting moments more comprehensive. In the coming weeks we will adding more signs to our daily vocabulary! Such as “book”, “outside” and “need”. 

Hope you are able to get outside this weekend and continue to enjoy the sunshine! 
All the best, Miss Tira and Miss Taylor