Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

Happy Friday!

This was a new month so that means a new theme! We are focusing on animals and the ocean this month!

Monday the kids had to save all the animals! We had a bunch of animals taped to a board and they had to rescue them. They all enjoyed this a lot & loved making all the animal noises along with it. They are all very smart & surprise us more and more everyday with all the things they know.

Tuesday the kids made their own fish puppets! They used their cute little hands and made them into fish. We put them on our classroom door since they were so adorable, we wanted everyone to see them!

We also finally were able to go outside and play! They love the climber and slide a lot and are starting to slowly play with their friends.

Wednesday we were finally able to have music with all of the other classrooms ( socially distanced of course). They loved seeing all of the other kids and teachers. A few of the kids even sang some of the songs! One of their favorites was the “Itsy Bitsy Spider”.

Thursday the kids had a bunch of energy so we went into the big room in the morning & got it all out by running around and playing! We also played with soapy water and cleaned off animals who were in an oil spill. They always enjoy splashing and playing in the water. 

We wanted to thank all of our amazing parents for making teacher appreciation week so special! You guys are so kind and made us feel so good!

Thanks again & enjoy your weekend with your littles.

Ms. Taylor & Ms. Tira