Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

Happy Friday Kahol Families! This was the last week of our Shapes and Colors theme. All month we discovered the colors and shapes around us by sorting, identifying, and creating our own! We had so much fun that some activities will stick around for circle times or rainy days! 

Monday – The big room is always a BIG deal in our classroom. The kids always know when it’s time to go or if it slips their minds and it is mentioned by a teacher they jump for joy and shout “Big Room?!” The balls are huge hit as well as the cars and jungle gym. 

Tuesday – Two little monsters visited Kahol and they were hungry! But these monsters were picky and only wanted to eat certain types of food. With help from the toddlers, Miss Tira fed the monsters their favorite colored shapes! 

Wednesday – Miss Tira loves to mix colors and see the results! This time we made little “monsters” with finger paint, cardboard and googly eyes! Touching the cold, wet paint is a great sensory activity for active young toddlers. It can help center and ground them during their busy day. 

Thursday – There is a secret surprise in the works for the Kahol classroom! The kiddos worked on making blueberries with egg crates, which are a hint to our surprise that may be revealed next week! The kids love art projects so much that there is always a spectator or two. 

Next week we will be exploring the kingdom of animals! We will work on animal sounds and identifying animals! 

All the best! Miss Tira and Miss Taylor