Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

Hello families and happy Friday!

We had a lot of fun this week in the Kahol classroom! On Monday we did the same/same shapes again since we loved it so much! We were excited and Ms. Taylor and Ms. Tira said we are such smart kids. We also played in the big room & had fun running around and playing with the balls, cars, and jungle gym! Lately we have really enjoyed reading all the books in our classroom. Some of our favorites are the bumble bee book & the frog book.

Tuesday we did something a little similar as the same same shapes. We put colored shapes into the correct colored hole in a box Ms. Taylor made for us. We played with this for a very long time, we loved it! Since the weather wasn’t very warm we went into the big room again to play with all the fun toys and we also really like playing with Ms. Abby who helps out in the mornings. 

Wednesday we played with ice cubes that had food coloring in them. Ms. Taylor put a little too much food coloring in them so it made our hands turn pretty colors! This was one of our favorite activities so far and we hope Ms. Taylor makes them again! We also had music, and we love listening to the cantor sing to us with the puppets.

Thursday was earth day! We colored on filter paper in the shape of the earth with blue and green markers & sprayed them with water! They turned out very pretty and we will be taking them home Friday! It was a nice day outside so we also were able to play outside on the playground. It was perfect since it was earth day & Ms. Taylor talked about why we celebrate earth day. 

Next week we will still be learning about shapes and colors and we are so excited to see what projects we get to do!

Have a great weekend.

Ms. Taylor & Ms. Tira