Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

We started out the week with a color matching project! We matched painted popsicle sticks with the same colored cup. Each child figured it out quickly, so we also worked on counting the sticks and saying color names. 

Science was the name of the game and we decided to find out what would happen if we mixed several paint colors together. This was a great sensory activity not just of the squishiness of squeezing a bag of paint but also one for sight! Each bag had a different combination of colors and each was a wildly different color after we were through! 

Just like our colors we matched our shapes too again this week. The kids picked out the correct shape from three options. This way of presenting the shapes had the kiddos using their critical thinking skills to figure out the right answer. 

Do you ever look up at the clouds and see shapes? We took white fluffy material and used white paint on blue paper to create our own clouds! The fluffy material was interesting to touch and the markings they left behind left some of the toddlers in bewilderment. Each cluster of clouds was unique, what do you think you’ll find in their clouds? 

This week we welcomed a new face to the classroom, Aella! Both girls came from Katom and are good friends of Miss Tira. We can’t wait to grow together! 

All the best! Miss Tira and Miss Taylor