Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

Shalom! This week went by so quickly!  This week we focused on colors and having as much fun as possible. 

Our first colorful activity included paint sensory bags! As always the bag was filled with hair gel and various colors of paint. The kids then were invited to mix the colors to see them change. A perfect way to explain how to make every color in rainbow! 

Often during circle time we go over our colors. A teacher asks the kiddos what color they are holding and the kids will answer to the best of their ability. At this point the littles are experts! But to put them to the test, we asked them to find toys that matched the color provided. Everyone was excited and raced around the room looking for the right color! 

Ms Tira and Ms Jen have made a beautiful calm down house and play area for the Kahol students. It is named after Ms Jen’s puppy, Bella. This area will act as a calming space for children need a moment to themselves or to generally calm their bodies when they are having fun. Once added to the room the littles flocked to it and played a guessing game of how many toddlers can fit in a cardboard box. 

It’s getting cold out there and that means bundling up and staying warm but still getting outside. We started to wear our snow gear outside in preparation for the chilly weather. This will help the kids get used to the gear before having to waddle through the snow! Please make sure your little has the proper gear each day so long as the weather is good we can enjoy it! 

Next week we are focusing on what we are thankful for. 

All the best! Ms Tira and Ms Jen