Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

Shalom kahol families! This week we dived again into the wonderful and wacky world of Sandra Boynton! We read and sang her books all week long. 

The first book we read this week was Barnyard Dance! It’s a silly book about farm animals dancing. After reading, we encouraged the kids to dance, having a small party to our favorite songs. In kahol we often ask the kiddos to move as much as possible. It of course helps with nap time but also helping their little bodies stay strong! 

The second book of the week was Pajama Time! A book about… Pajamas! We talked with the kids a lot about bed time and the many things we do before closing our eyes for the night. For our project we did classic Kahol sticker art. When everyone was done Ms Tira used pipe cleaners to attach them all together like a quilt! 

In kahol we have gotten back into coloring and the littles love it! Nice quiet time and working on those fine motor skills. 

Every week we have music in the big room. The todds love to see cantor and sing and dance along with her! She has many puppets that the kids go absolutely nutty for. 

Stay warm out there!
Ms Tira and Ms Jen