Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

This month we are focusing on colors & shapes!

Monday we welcomed a new friend, Leo, to the classroom as well as a new teacher (Miss. Tira). We finally have a full class and we are all so excited. For our activity of the day we had the kids play in the sensory bin with soapy water and colorful animals. We would ask the kids what color they found & they had a lot of fun playing & splashing in the water. 

Tuesday we focused more on shapes and had the kids do a matching game. We had bigger shapes placed on the door and small shapes to stick onto them. The kids really enjoyed it and they all did such a great job matching them!

Wednesday during circle time I had the kids meet the “Kahol monster”. I made a little cardboard monster and colored it blue. The kids had to take the small colored animals and place certain colors in his mouth when “he” asked. Some of the kids were not fans of the kahol monster, but most of them loved it! 

Thursday for morning art I had the kids play with shaving cream and food coloring in a bag! They liked seeing all the colors mix together.

Later that day each kid was able to stick small pieces of paper to contact paper and make a stain glass project. These will be sent home next week!

Next week Miss Tira has a ton of fun projects planned for the kids. We hope everyone has a great weekend!

Miss Taylor & Miss Tira