Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

Shalom! And happy Friday to all our Kahol Families! 

We have started a new focus in our room and it’s for the author Sandra Boynton! We will be reading and singing along to her books for the next two weeks.

We started out the week with the classic Doggies book. Ms Jen drew us some lovely puppies which we stuck to a whiteboard. Our goal was to discuss taking turns. Each child was given a chance to pick their own dog as the class counted up to ten! 

Our second book for the week was Personal Penguin. A sweet book about wanting to be a good friend. We celebrated this book by painting the kiddos’ feet with black paint to make their own personal penguin. Not everyone was a fan of this so not all participated. But everyone did get to make their own igloos! 

Lastly we have been having a lot of fun outside! The kids are enjoying the weather but for some reason their most favorite activities are taking off hats and mittens and sitting at the picnic table!

Stay warm out there!

Ms Tira and Miss Jen