Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

Shalom Kahol Families! 

It is starting to get chilly outside so to celebrate the changing of seasons, our new theme is Autumn! 

We started the week strong by going out on walks around the building! Each time we took most if not all the kids without a stroller. This was good practice of road safety plus it got them moving their little feet more. We stopped by the garden out back both times and talked to the kiddos about the plants growing there! They loved it so much, it was amazing to see them so excited! 

Also along the way we collected leaves and pine cones and put them in our basket to bring back to class. The Kahol students were happy to help especially when we found a huge pile of pine cones! These supplies were used later in the day to make bonfire art! We taped the leaves to popsicle sticks and dunked the pine cones in paint. With some paper logs glued on they really do look like fires! 

To really bring in the season Ms Tira made a seasonally appropriate sensory bin! It had pumpkins provided by Ms Jen among things like beans, fake autumn leaves, and cinnamon sticks for a good classic sensory smell. Although many of the leaves haven’t fallen yet these kids are ready for when they do! 

We ended this week with a good old fashioned apple stamping project. Each child got an apple with a popsicle through it for a better grip. Then they were encouraged to stamp until they were content. The final result is a cute little apple filled jar. The kids are excited to show it off! 

We hope you stay warm as the leaves change colors! May be time to get some hot cocoa or apple cider and enjoy the nice cool weather while it lasts! 


Ms Tira and Ms Jen