Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

Hello and goodbye to another wonderful week playing and growing! 

With our first activity we found strange alien life in the form of a sensory bag! Each child was given a bag filled with hair gel, some food coloring and googly eyes. And everyone had a blast! Sensory bags are a simple and easy way to keep the kids focused.

Ms. Tira intended the next activity to be about throwing and hand eye coordination. Instead the littles took turns gently placing foil balls into a yellow box. Always expect the unexpected. Kahol learned a lot about sharing. 

Without notice our ship has been breaking down a lot as we travel through space. So we have tasked the kids with fixing wires/pipe cleaners and pushing buttons/pom poms. And they have done very good work keeping focused and always finishing their tasks! 

Lastly we have a new co captain on the ship! Her name is Ms. Jen. Let her introduce herself in her own words!

“I have a bachelor’s degree in theatre and I specialized in prop building. I’ve worked on shows for both Children’s Theatre Company and Stages Theatre Company. I get most experience with kids from being around my four nephews! I love art, museums, Disney and corgis! When I’m not hanging out with kiddos I’m usually going on adventures with my corgi Bella. I’m excited to make Kahol my new home!”

 We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Tira and Ms. Jen