Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

We have missed seeing the kids this week. Here again are the ideas of fun things to do until we are together again!

Theme: The Outdoors/Camping 🏕

1. COLLECT A RAINBOW 🌈 Gather items from nature, your neighborhood or parks and see if you can make a rainbow 
2. BUGS 🐛 Take the items you gathered from outside such as sticks and leaves and make them into little creepy crawlers. Googly eyes are always a good final touch. Also if you see any insects while out gathering supplies, talk about them with your child explaining to them your knowledge and/or ask them what they think about it. 
3. MADE IN NATURE 🌱Gather more plants and sticks and this time the goal is to spell our your child’s name. And as you are gathering explain to your littles what kind of plant it is/from and what each part is called as well as any knowledge you may have about it. 
4. PLANT ART 🪴After all these activities you may have some left over materials. Fear not we will put them to good use. Gather the plants, leaves, and sticks into different textured bundles. Then grab some paint and use them as paint brushes! Kahol has done this project before with beauitful results. 
5. CAMPFIRES AND SAFETY 🔥This activity can be done in multiple ways. Either you and the little can build a real fire together or you can create a fingerpaint/dot dot marker one instead. Maybe even do both! After making the fire discuss with your child about fire safety and how they can keep themselves and your family safe.
6. CLEANING UP THE NEIGHBORHOOD 🚛Go on a walk and make sure to bring a disposable bag. Along the way pick up trash and litter along your path. Depending on the items found, they also can be recycled and used in the previously stated projects. This activity will show our kiddos how to enjoy nature and how to take care of nature. Remember to only leave footprints. 
7. ROCK CLEANING 🪨Now for some sensory! Grab a bin and fill it with water and soap. Get some dirty/muddy rocks from your yard or wherever rocks can be found. With a suitable brush model how to clean the rock and then ask your child to help. This will help with fine motor skills and their attention to details. 
8. PICNIC 🐜Lastly, go outside while the weather is still nice and without snow and enjoy a picnic. You deserve it after all the work you have done! 


Ms. Tira & Ms. Taylor