Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

It’s been another two fun weeks in Kahol! We started to learn about community helpers such as postal workers and doctors! 

We delivered letters we wrote ourselves to our friends in the other BSY classes. Each child got to pick a color and write their own short passage on a special sign. 

The dry beans made an appearance again and this time with cars and trucks. The littles were encouraged to feel around the tub and scoop up the beans. 

We continued our careers in a new job of saving BSY from raging hallway fires. We grab our hoses and got in our strollers to race against the clock to save the day! 

We had our turn to have a picnic in the Sukkah! We shook the lulav and smelled the etrog and then sat so nicely as we ate our picnic lunch. The weather was lovely and so were the kids!

Lastly we helped patients at BSY Hospital. First a baby needed help with their ouchies, so we had a demonstration of how to put on bandages. Then we took x-rays on special paper to help our friends feel better again.

See you again next week for more fun! 
Miss Tira and Miss Taylor