Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

Happy Friday! I hope your week was as magical as ours! This week’s theme was magic in the form of science experiments! 

Monday we colored our cauldrons? Magic hats? Whatever they were they turned out great and colorful. The exercise helped with fine motor skills as the kiddos made the colors fan out with a wet q-tip. 

Tuesday we did a group experiment in magic jar! It was a classic oil and water experiment with food coloring to dance around in the container. To try at home you just need a clear container, water filled most of the way with a small layer of oil. Drop food coloring on top and wait for it to reach the water! Looks like fireworks! 

On Wednesday Miss Tira decided to be silly and have a puppet show! The kiddos loved playing pretend and even had little shows of their own! 

Thursday we did another experiment with paper towels and markers! Miss Tira made hidden images and sprayed them with water to make them appear! Then afterwards we gave them their own paper towels to color and spray. The colors came out beautifully! 

We hope you have a wonderful weekend! 
Miss Tira and Miss Taylor