Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)


We had a ton of fun this week despite some rainy days! We started playing with legos this week, building pyramids (for Passover) and many other things. Hannah seemed to especially enjoy building with them, and when Kaia joined us on Tuesday she was also super interested in building things. Remy, Ruth, and Harper were more than willing to help pull the legos apart when it was time to clean up, though! We also made footprint-locusts to remember the 10 plagues of Passover. It was so adorable hearing the girls giggle as we painted their feet!


Tuesday we did a quick lesson about Passover at circle time, along with singing, “Let my People Go!” We also kept with this month’s theme – bugs, singing “Baby Bumblebee” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider” while getting to hold signs or use shakers. For art, it was the plague of frogs! The kiddos took frog-foot shaped sponges, dipped them in green paint, and hopped them across a big sheet of paper. They loved it!


It was Ms. Emily’s birthday, and she was so happy to hear “happy birthday” from a few of the girls right when she walked in! Ms. Taylor worked with the girls practicing “happy” and “birthday.” We are amazed at how much their language skills are developing! We revisited Passover by playing a few songs from the Prince of Egypt, and it was so cute to see them dancing around just like the Israelites when they reached the Red Sea! We also read lots of books yesterday because of the weather. Rainy days call for snuggles and stories!


We sang songs about bugs and SUNSHINE at circle time on Thursday. Our sensory activity for the day was very interesting: We gave the girls matzah to crunch up, then added water and shaving cream to make it smell nice. They loved squishing and crunching! Then, we added animals we would have found in Egypt back then, like camels and river crocodiles. What a fun time the girls had! We also started our final Passover activity for the week – personal Seder plates. This is a fun way for the kiddos to get used to gripping glue sticks, as well as developing the skills necessary to pick up the sticky pieces of paper without getting them too stuck to their fingers. We will laminate these and send them home early next week.


The week ended with just three kiddos coming to school Friday, but we had so much fun anyways! We had Shabbat in the morning, singing our favorite Shabbat songs and snacking on challah and juice. The remaining girls then made their Seder plates. In the afternoon, we went on a “scavenger hunt” to find 10 print-outs of afikomen (hidden pieces of matzah). The girls loved walking around, looking up, down, and all around for the afikomen. Then we did a scavenger outside looking for real matzah! We hope they get to find them with your family if you celebrate Passover this weekend!

We also said goodbye to Luca this week and will miss his silly happy self!

Shabbat Shalom!

Ms. Taylor & Ms. Emily (goodbye! I’ll miss your sweet kiddos so much!)