Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

Happy Friday! We have been busy at school this week with our exploration of dinosaurs! It has been a fun adventure so far and can’t wait to see what other fun we get ourselves into! 

Monday was about painting wooden dinos. The kiddos really made their dinosaur their own with delicate and vigorous brush strokes. We are so proud of how they turned out that they are properly displayed in the hallway for all to see. 

Tuesday we had a “dig” for dinosaur eggs! Miss Tira froze her favorite tiny dino toys in balloons of water. After they were frozen solid they were melted slightly to help the Kahol kids break the eggs open more easily. It was amazing to see the prize waiting for them as they chipped away the ice. 

Wednesday we took a break from dinosaurs and did our favorite sensory art… Dot dot markers! If we could let them dot dot all day the kids wouldn’t mind and even would encourage it. Nothing is better than a good old dot dot marker against a piece of paper. 

Lastly on Thursday, we were on the hunt… in search of a runaway t-rex! Miss Tira hid the dinosaur’s footprints along the hallway and the littles followed those hints until they found a massive t-rex at the end of the hall. They sure have an eye for detail!

Before this week ends we want to give a special shout out and warm hugs to Ruthie. She is leaving BSY to go on an amazing adventure of her own and we wish her nothing  but the best. She was Kahol’s sunshine and we can see that her future is bright! 

Wishing you the best!
Miss Tira and Miss Taylor