Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

Although there were conditions that kept us inside this week we didn’t let that keep us from having as much fun as possible. This week was still about food and our bodies.

On Monday we brought out the potato heads and identified the best place to put each piece. After the presentation the kiddos were allowed free reign of the toy and made hilarious combinations. 

The Kahol teachers wanted to make best of each day we had to spend inside. So Tuesday we danced our hearts out to our favorite songs such “We are the Dinosaurs”, “Let it Go”, and “The Party Freeze Game”. Later that day we made alphabet soup art! Great use of our motor skills! 

We also got great use of our sensory bin! We first filled it with soapy water and alphabet magnets to play with pretend alphabet soup! Like all water play days they had a blast. 

For a more dry activity we put in dried beans in the bin and demonstrated how to scoop and pour the beans. We also all loved shouting “beans!”.

And to finish out our time with the My Body theme we made abstract faces with paper plates and pieces of paper. 

We hope to get out and enjoy the new playground next week! 

All the best!
Miss Tira and Miss Taylor