Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

Hello families!

This week we focused on teaching the kids about their bodies by doing different activity throughout the week. 

Monday they read the book Head to Toe and sang “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.” They also washed the baby dolls in the water to learn more about bodies. 

Tuesday we read giant books to them about bodies and healthy food. We are trying to teach them how to have a healthy body and what foods are good for their bodies. 

Wednesday we taught the kids about how important it is to brush your teeth. We asked them how they brush their teeth at home and they showed us. We then had them put “toothpaste” on the tooth brush we drew for them, which they loved doing. Music was also a huge hit this week. The Cantor brought in the one and only baby shark puppet! They all had to pet it and give it hugs.

Thursday we wanted to let the kids “see” what their own bodies look like. We had them lay on the ground on top of a large piece of paper and we traced their bodies. Surprisingly they all were very eager to do this! They liked looking at everyone’s when we were finished. 

Have a great weekend everyone & enjoy the nice warm weather!

Miss. Taylor & Miss. Tira