Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

Happy Friday! We hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend!

The kiddos have been having a blast playing outside and in our big room. They love climbing on the equipment, pushing toys around, and throwing balls! Sitting at the picnic table is also a great activity for the Kahol class. 

We made new door decorations for this month’s theme. In our usual fashion we busted out the art supplies and asked our kids to personalize their own sign. This time it was ice cream cones!

After most meals you are left with dirty dishes. The Kahol little ones got to work and cleaned a classroom of dishes and made sure each one sparkled bright.

And lastly this week we got a new friend in Kahol, Makenna! She is already exploring everything around her and making friends. We are excited to grow together! 

We hope you and your family have another amazing weekend. 
All the best, 
Miss Tira and Miss Taylor