Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

Hello families!

This week we started learning about food! In the next couple of weeks we will also start learning about our bodies!

Monday we learned about emotions and what faces we make when feeling those emotions. We will go more in depth about how we feel later this month. The kids are fast learners and showed me each of their faces when I showed them the cards.

Tuesday we made grapes out of our hands that Miss. Taylor traced. They kids loved doing this and told me what fruit it was when it was finished! 

Tuesday was pajama day!

Wednesday we made firework art for the 4th of July. The kids loved doing this project because of all the colors and they were able to choose the glitter they wanted! They all turned out so pretty!

Thursday we focused on emotions again and sign language. They are getting very good at trying to use their fingers and sing the ABCs with me in sign language. They also will do some of the signs we have posted around the classroom such as (sad, play, help).

We hope you have a great holiday weekend and we will see you Tuesday next week!