Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

Hello families!

We had a fun week learning about weather. 

On Monday during circle time we started using sign language more. We are trying to get the kids to use old signs they already know such as, more and all done. New signs are also being reintroduced such as water & milk, which the kids have been using more now at snack and lunch time. We also made weather mobiles that we will be sending home Friday! The kids painted on blue paper with thicker paint to make clouds (use paint mixed with cornstarch to make thick paint, it’s easier to use with toddlers). They also put their thumb prints on the raindrops.

Tuesday, the kids made cloud pictures! We had them paint more white paint onto blue paper & then we close the paper in half. When we opened it, it made their own unique clouds! The kids loved painting!

Wednesday, we focused more on Father’s Day! We had the kids make clay art. We used their thumbs to make hearts in the clay! (We hope all you dads have a great Father’s Day this weekend)! We also went to music & the kids enjoyed singing along to some of their favorite songs!

Thursday, the kids colored pictures of flowers that our aide Ms. Abby drew for us. Each kid colored theirs with their own unique color choice.

We also went outside and enjoyed the weather. The weather has been great this week & we have been soaking it all up! 

We hope you all have a great weekend with your littles & again Happy Father’s Day!

Miss. Taylor & Miss. Tira