Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

Happy Friday Kahol Families! We hope you were able to stay cool this week but still enjoy the beginnings of summer! 
This week we are still tending to our flower shop. The littles love playing with their flowers pots and trying on the gardening gloves. To properly market our shop we made leaf signs to decorate our classroom door. Each child grabbed a green marker and made their own interpretation of nature. 

It’s been hot outside this whole week and we have been singing Mr. Sun to celebrate the warm weather. Yet we have been wanting a nice rain to help cool down. In preparation we made personalized umbrellas just in case we get our wish! 

Rain came to Kahol in the form of a rain stick on Wednesday! Miss Tira found a cardboard tube and filled it with dry corn and if done right sounds just like rain! The kiddos took their markers out again and left their mark on a toy that will hopefully stay in kahol for a long time. 

On Thursday we practiced our flower arrangements skills. The kids decorated their vases with dot dot markers and picked out the best flowers to place inside. Our Kahol students have such great taste! 

This Friday is a bitter sweet day for Kahol. We say goodbye to out sweet friend Kaia. We will miss her dearly and wish her the best!

All the best, Miss Tira and Miss Taylor