Kahol Room כחול (Young Toddlers)

Happy Friday Kahol families!

This week we welcomed our new friend Nadav to our classroom. The kids couldn’t have been happier to have a new classmate! 

Our themes this month are plants and weather!

Tuesday, we made “weather finders”. They are binoculars but to see what the weather is like outside. The kids enjoyed coloring them! We have new stations in the room and the kids really love the flower shoppe station! They are able to shop for flowers, pretend to plant things, and garden.

Wednesday, Ms. Taylor found some sticks and leafs outside and make paint brushes out of them. We had the kids paint on green paper and will be turning them into leaves, and putting their names on them for our classroom door!

Thursday, the kids had fun doing water play with a couple different sprinklers! It was so fun watching how excited they were. We do have a few fish in our classroom I can tell! The project of the day was decorating suns and clouds with scrap pieces of paper. The kids are so great at knowing what to do when it comes to sticking paper on where the glue is! 

All the projects turned out so cute and will be sent home today or next week!

Have a great weekend and stay cool!

Ms. Taylor & Ms. Tira