Adom Room

Happy short week here at Bet Shalom Yeladim! And Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating! Whether or not you celebrate the holiday we hope that you get some extra time this weekend to spend with loved ones!

This week we talked about things to be thankful for, turkeys, and family of course!

Monday we welcomed our new friend Juliet to the Adom room! We are so excited to have her!

Although it was a short week, we kept busy! In the morning there was free play in the classroom, singing at circle time, and play-dough making!

To make the dough, the todds helped Miss Maddie mix flour, salt, and water into a bowl. To try and make the dough a little more fun, we added cinnamon for scent and texture! An ode to thanksgiving pumpkin pie if you will. The todds did a great job pouring and mixing and smelling! We all got our hands sticky playing and smushing around the soft dough.

Tuesday was class color day! Adom means red in Hebrew, so everyone put a nice splash of red into their outfits. Way to represent, toddlers!!

For our activity today we did some fine motor work. In the form of a turkey of course! The toddlers practiced poking feathers into tiny holes in a tissue box decorated like a turkey. Fun, silly, and a challenging skill test!

We also read more of our book about giving thanks, and a book about all the reasons to love and appreciate the people in a family.

Wednesday we will have lots of free play and re-read our books from this past theme. There is no school Thursday or Friday! Have a great long weekend everyone. 🙂

Love Miss Aly and Miss Maddie