Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Hello Again Families,

We have had two great weeks in the toddler room.  There has been lots to celebrate as well as a goodbye. Teacher Hannah had her last day with our class this week.  She is moving on to focus on grad school admission.  We wish her the best of luck and will miss her kind heart and all the creativity she brought to the classroom.  Eric will now be in the classroom teaching alongside me as the interim teacher. The kids (and I) really enjoy having him in the classroom. 

Also this week we added two new friends to our class.  Remy and Hannah A. moved up from the young toddler room.  They fit right in! They transitioned so well to our new routines and have been warmly welcomed by the rest of the kids.  We are so happy to have them in our class. 

Last week we focused on Thanksgiving.  The kids made such cute turkey crowns which they loved wearing at school.  I hope some of the kiddos were able to wear their creations during your Thanksgiving celebrations. 

This week our theme has been Chanukah. We have had so much fun trying out lots of different activities. Each morning we have a Chanukah table which we bring into the classroom.  It has a variety of Chanukah books, a menorah to play with, a Chanukah dinner playset, dreidels and latkes.  We talk about the items each day and play together with them. 

On Monday, after reading a book about lighting the menorah, we used watercolor paints to make flame crowns.  On Thursday the kids posed in their crowns as the cutest little menorah ever!

Tuesday we worked on our Chanukah gift for the younger toddler class. The kids helped scoop, pour and mix the ingredients for playdough.  We also decorated pictures of hedgehogs.  These items went together to create our Build-A-Hedgehog Kit.  It included the playdough the toddlers made, spaghetti noodles (for quills) and cute eyeballs.  The younger kids will be able to practice their fine motor skills by poking the noodles into the playdough to create cute little hedgehogs. The hedgehog drawings were used to decorate the outside of the gift box.  We think they will love their gift!

Wednesday, after music time with Cantor Havilio, we dot-dotted papers which were used to create a menorah for the class to play with. There are flames on the end of popsicle sticks which the kids can take on and off the candles. 

Thursday was latke day!  Not real latkes (potato pancakes), but playdough ones. We read a book about runaway latkes.  There was a description of making latkes in the book so we pretended to make our own.  We had oil (empty squeeze bottles), frying pans (so hot!), spatulas, and plates.  We “cooked” our latkes, listened to them sizzle (the kids made the sounds), flipped them, served them on plates and pretended to eat them.  This activity kept the kids’ attention for a long time. It was super fun!  

On Friday after Shabbat we will practice spinning dreidels and singing songs together.  

Next week we will start a series of color weeks with all things blue!!

Have a great weekend!!!


Teachers, Katie & Eric