Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Toddlers and teachers and bears, oh my!!!

After going on 437 bear hunts last week (at the request of the kids), we decided to make bears our focus this week.  

The week started with a new dramatic play area in our classroom.  We have a zoo (which includes a polar bear)!  The kids have been busy feeding different types of food to the various animals, cleaning their cages and wrapping them in blankets and taking care of them.  We even have pink zoo keeper coats to wear. 

On Monday we read a book about a brown bear going on an adventure. The book had real photos of a young bear doing lots of different things.  After reading the book we talked about 3 different types of bears – polar, panda and brown bear.  We practiced identifying the different types of bears.  We also worked on decorating gift bags to be used when a new baby is born within the Bet Shalom community.  One of our values for November and December is “acts of loving kindness” gemilut chasadim so this was a nice way to do something kind for the community. 

Tuesday was all about Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  The kids identified the bears in the story as brown bears and we focused on small, medium and large things in the story.  The kids played in sensory bins with three sizes of bears.  Also on Tuesday we introduced new circle time props.  Each child has their own initial on a card.  We ask them “Whose letter is this?” and they love finding “their” letter.  Then we sing…”E is for Edith, E is for Edith, Edith’s name starts with E, E is for Edith!.  

Wednesday after music we worked on decorating mini t-shirts for teddy bears to create a new door display.  They turned out super cute.  Now I just need to figure out a bear-y good pun to use in the display.  I’m open to grrrreat suggestions. 

Thursday was Teddy-Bear Day!!!!  You guys did great remembering to send in a bear or other stuffed friend.  The kids were so excited to show off their special animal.  We incorporated them throughout the day and even took them on our bear hunt through the hallways of BSY.  We ended up in the Big Room after finding lots of brown bears, polar bears and panda bears and one GIANT brown bear.  It is really fun to scream and run away from the big bear!   Our picnic didn’t end up being a true picnic.  We got out our rainbow picnic blanket and then realized it was the day of our Health Department visit and I wasn’t sure about the rules around eating on the floor so we decided to play it safe and eat at the tables.  It was still super fun!

Friday we will read a bear book full of opposites to talk about and then play with playdoh and bears!  We will have Shabbat in the sanctuary and play outside. 

Next week I’m sure we will continue to have bear hunts but will move the focus of our activity time to Thanksgiving. 


Katie & Hannah