Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

It has been so fun to be back in the classroom with my awesome toddlers! I really missed them while I was focusing on other areas of the school.  This age group is my favorite and it was exciting to come back and see how much they have grown and how many new skills they have acquired! You all have great kids!

We spent the week learning about our 5 senses at the toddler level.  We see with our eyes, we smell with our noses, we taste with our mouths, we touch with our hands and we hear with our ears.  

On Monday we used our easels to paint large emoji face pictures to go along with the 5 senses. We referenced these all week as we spent time focusing on each sense. We also really enjoyed our playtime outside on one of our last nice days.

Tuesday we focused on the sense of hearing. I have a pair of very large costume ears I used for a troll costume years ago.  I brought them in and some of the kids enjoyed putting one on while they were practicing listening.  We also read a book about the sense of hearing and then took turns choosing an egg to shake and see what was making noise inside.  We also brought out a few different types of instruments to experiment with.

Wednesday was Sense of Taste day. After using dot-dot markers in the morning and practicing our colors by requesting a new marker by it’s color name, we had a taste test with little bits of several foods.  The kids tasted salty crackers, sweet dried cherries, sour lemons and pickles.  They loved them all – even the lemon.  We saw very little reaction to the sour flavor, they just seemed to like it! Also on Wednesday we brought back an old favorite.  We sang Hickory Dickory Dock the Mouse ran up the Clock and used a mouse to climb onto their heads and count out the hour.  This time we worked on the concept of size by having each child choose a small, medium or large mouse.

Thursday was Sense of Smell day!  We started out by coloring pictures using smelly markers.  We checked how they smelled with our noses.  Later we listened to a book about smelling and then practiced fine motor skills by peeling scented stickers off the sticker sheet and sticking them on our smelly snakes!  The kids showed great persistence while working with the stickers. 

Friday we have Shabbat with the Rabbis and will finish out the 5 senses with the sense of sight.  We will play I Spy with a variety of objects. 

Throughout this week the kids have been obsessed with going on Bear Hunts!  I can’t tell you how many we have gone on this week.  Based on their interest we will spend next week learning about various kinds of bear and doing fun bear activities.

So glad to be back in the classroom with your kiddos!


Ms. Katie & Mr. Eric