Adom Room אדום (Toddlers)

Welcome to the Weekend Adom Families! 

We had such a great week! We reintroduced a familiar face into our classroom, Mr. Eric! Mr. Eric was in our class in the past and the kids love playing with him and have truly been so excited to have him in Adom again! 

This week we focused on the desert. We made our own cacti, experienced a desert in our sensory bins, made snakes with string and noodles, did some lassoing, and saw how a cactus works! The kids had a blast learning about the desert and the wildlife that exists in them. 

Monday, we read the book The Little Giraffe, and made our own cacti with green packing peanuts and toothpicks. This was very intriguing to them and helped them practice their fine motor skills. 

Tuesday, we read How Do I Move?, and played in our sensory bins to see what we may see in a desert. We listened to a story/song on tape called Animal Boogie. It talks about all of the different animals they see, and one of them is a snake. I truly think the snake is their favorite animal in this singalong book. They all get on the floor and slither like snakes. 

Wednesday, they got to make their own snakes from string and uncooked noodles after we read Bedtime in the Southwest. This activity is tricky and is also great practice for fine motor skills. We also had music, which was a great song break in the morning! 

Thursday, we practiced our lassoing after we read Fast ‘n’ Snappy. The kids used tied up string and paint to drag around on paper to create beautiful art! 

Friday, they will read How Zebras Get Their Stripes and learn about how a cactus holds water in and can go without a drink for a long time through a little experiment! Experiments in our class are always a favorite. 

Two of our toddlers, Eliana and Asher, are moving up to the preschool room starting on Monday. Their leadership and big personalities will be very missed! We know they are ready for the new challenges of being “big kids”!

We are looking forward to next week now as we head into the theme of shapes! 

Have a great weekend, and Shabbat Shalom! 

Ms. Alyssa & Mr. Eric

PS Ms. Alyssa will have her last day with us on Monday. Her hardwork, fun ideas and ability to keep everything running smoothly will be GREATLY missed! We wish her all the best.